When they walked back in, Tim kept his eyes down, not wishing to discuss his brief departure with anyone right now. Rev John was smiling to cover any awkwardness that anyone around the table may or may not be experiencing. He briefly caught Kevin’s eye who was frowning and mouthing “Everything OK?” John mouthed nodded […]

Tim reveals the truth behind his problems to Rev John, and Rev John suggests how he can get help.

The Diocesan Officer arrives but it’s a hostile reception from one member. What’s behind Tim’s outburst? Does he have something he needs to get off his chest?

Mary has doubts about a long-term generosity approach when they have immediate financial problems. Several members have their own reservations about something else but are too afraid to speak up.

Rev John reflects on their approach to stewardship and feels there’s room for improvement. Maybe better communication would make a big difference. Kevin lifts his spirits with his usual, natural very tasty generosity.

St. Someone’s is having a special PCC meeting because they’ve run out of money. What will they do? Will they plug the gaps or revolutionise the way they approach discipleship? Could they pin their hopes on the Generous Giving Project?

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