Hello and welcome to the Generous Giving Project!

Here’s some background on the story so far.

The Generous Giving Project was launched in April 2016 to help explore why giving generously is a central part of our Christian faith, and to encourage us all as we take part in it. I have been appointed to run this project for two years, and in that time I will support you in every way I can, whether you are reading this as a clergy person or a lay person.

In a nutshell this is about us understanding God’s generosity and considering how we are called to respond as individuals and as a church. It’s about what part generosity plays in our lives and in our worship, and maybe looking at this area of discipleship anew, because, as you may already be able to tell… this isn’t a traditional stewardship campaign!

I’m supporting churches in practical ways by providing really easy to use, innovative and adaptable resources, by writing articles for church magazines and websites, by running workshops and delivering presentations to groups, committees and clubs and by being here ready to answer your queries or signpost you to an expert if I can’t answer your question myself.

I’m very excited to be serving the Diocese of Durham in this way, and to see how the Generous Giving Project will change the way we think about this key expression of our faith. I want to share some personal stories of how my own life has been transformed by God’s generosity, especially how my own approach to giving has changed since I heard about this project. I also think it’s important for you to know who I am, as I intend to interact with as many of you as possible!

I write blogs on all aspects of giving generously, including practical hints and tips for your churches, unpacking the Biblical reasons for our giving, and sharing stories about hospitality, prayer, money, generosity and faith from around the world.

For more information on my background and how I ended up here, please CLICK

If you have a story of generosity you’d like to share, you can contact me at Rachael.phillips@durham.anglican.org

With many blessings,

Rachael, the Generous Giving Project Officer

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