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The Generous Giving Project website started life as an initiative within the Diocese of Durham and was established by Rachael Phillips. Since its inception in 2016 the site has gradually grown in popularity and has since been endorsed for use as a national resource for the Church of England by the National Stewardship Committee.

This site is first and foremost about GENEROSITY. The theme of GENEROSITY dominates the Bible, and more specifically the teachings of Jesus and the life of the Early Church. So it makes sense that our churches, both big and small, should be dominated by GENEROSITY.

The main page will be updated with the most recent posts while you can also browse by the menu options at the top of the home page or by categories at the bottom of the home page.

You can find out more about who we are here:

If you require further information or assistance please contact Nathan or Sam at Durham Diocese and they would be happy to help:


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