Diocese of Durham


These blogs attempt to tackle interesting, important and sticky subjects to do with giving generously. That includes trying to understand God’s generosity, how we show generosity, our relationship with our possessions, and… our squeamishness about discussing it!

It’s about connecting the dots between our faith in God and how we live out that faith as day to day Christians. Much of the content is provided by you, the lovely readers, many of whom I meet in PCCs, Synods, Chapter meetings and of course here in our online community.

The questions you ask, the incredible stories you share and the suggestions you make all help to shape the project, keep the blogs relevant, and help us all to grow in our understanding of what it is to be a generous giver.

I’m often asked why the Project seems to focus on money when we know giving is also about time and talents. To that I say Yes! It is about time and talents, but rarely does a vicar stand up and ask for help with the church cleaning rota, or for an volunteer to help run youth group and have these requests met with sucking of teeth and outrage at the mere suggestion that we can talk about time and talents in church.

The fact is we’re fine with being asked to give our time and talents and we do, with gusto! But I think many of us (including me) can feel a bit uncomfortable when talking about money. It can feel too personal. So this is where the focus is. The Project is about breaking down those barriers, making the subject much more connected to Jesus’ teachings. After all if God is Lord of all, He’s Lord of money.

Blogs can be copied and pasted into your parish magazines. I REALLY encourage this, not only so I can reach as many of our parishioners as possible, but because if you’re in the Diocese of Durham, you’re paying for this anyway so you might as well share it with your other church members!

Feedback is always welcome, especially from clergy who use these blogs in sermons/teaching. Leaving comments on the blogs that you find useful, helps others and helps to spread the message of generosity.

If you’d like to know more about me, the author, check out my personal blog where I’ll be writing about discerning God’s call, my observations about the C of E, and how my life has changed since becoming a Christian.

This blog is only one type of resource. There are many other way the Generous Giving Project can support you and your church. Click here to go to the Durham Diocese website for more.

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