Kato Nkhoma is a Pastor in Botswana and in this guest blog he shares what he’s learned about raising children to be generous.

A guide to quickly and easily changing the way your PCC talks about giving. This tool celebrates what the WHOLE CHURCH generously contributes. It’s a great activity that can have a lasting impact.

The step-by-step guide to launching this resource. This could have the biggest impact on how your whole church thinks about the offertory. And it’s simple too.

St. Someone’s learns about a new way of compiling and celebrating all the ways their parish is generous. They realise how this will help to bless generous givers and encourage more people to get involved. But is it too much work? How does a church even begin?

Do we, the church, only talk about giving when we’re appealing for people to do more of it? What could change this perception? They’re about to hear about the Generosity List

Tim reveals the truth behind his problems to Rev John, and Rev John suggests how he can get help.

The Diocesan Officer arrives but it’s a hostile reception from one member. What’s behind Tim’s outburst? Does he have something he needs to get off his chest?