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Running Diocese of Durham's 'Generous Giving Project'. Supporting local churches to communicate God's generosity and our response.
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Crisis Meeting: The Final Chapter

The final chapter is here, with St Someone’s PCC looking back on all they’ve learned and now looking ahead to a brighter, hopeful and generous future. Here’s what any PCC can expect from the Generous Giving Project.

PCC Guide: Our Generosity in Numbers

A guide to quickly and easily changing the way we talk about giving as a church. This tool celebrates what the WHOLE CHURCH generously contributes. It’s a great activity that can have a lasting impact.

Crisis Meeting: Part 7

St. Someone’s learns about a new way of compiling and celebrating all the ways their parish is generous. They realise how this will help to bless generous givers and encourage more people to get involved. But is it too much work? How does a church even begin?