Kato Nkhoma is a Pastor in Botswana and in this guest blog he shares what he’s learned about raising children to be generous.

Bishop Mark Tanner talks generosity; the discipline of giving, when generosity is tough, teaching his children and fixing toilets.

I’m trying to understand what being generous actually means, and to identify the “marks of a generous church”? Are there certain things that generous people and generous churches hold dear? What’s the approach? So I’m interviewing people called Mark about generosity and church.

Guest blogger Ross Meikle, who is an Ordinand at Cranmer Hall and accomplished storyteller, writes his reflections on how an old lady from Yorkshire, influenced his approach to generosity.

HOSPITALITY. TALIBAN. JESUS. One day in the winter of 2012 I was out on patrol with an infantry unit in southern Afghanistan. The sun was low in the sky and the air was cold. The ploughed fields were crusty with frost, which crunched under our boots as we slowly made our way over them. We […]

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I recently learned the meaning of Emmanuel. It means God with us. It’s one of Jesus’ many, many nicknames, and is quite possibly my favourite. Emmanuel. God with us. Sometimes I need reminding that God is with us here in our communities in the North East of England. Is it just me that sometimes wonders […]