A personal reflection on what God has given us through Jesus. Trying to understand the sacrifice.

Guest post by Revd Tom Brazier Some things you cannot get by trying to get them; they are a by-product of something else. Love is a good example: you receive love as a by-product of loving others, not by seeking love. You cannot get love, you can only give it. Some things you only get […]

Learning and then sharing Money Stories is a remarkable way of helping couples to explore their different approaches to money. It can resolve some of the tensions that money can bring. It can be helpful to discuss the different priorities or attitudes we have towards money. Then we know why our husband hates opening bills, […]

What’s your Money Story? We all have one. No matter how much of the stuff we have, or how much we love or hate it, we each have a money story and it begins in childhood and continues into our teens and adulthood. This blog is an introduction to My Money Story by Revd. Steve […]

On Sunday I heard a belter of a sermon. I pay a lot of attention to sermons, not out of piety or because I’m an incredibly holy person, but because I recently started preaching myself, so I’m always after tips. This was one of those sermons that has you sitting up in your seat, nodding […]

I feel I can speak with confidence about how much people hate talking about money because I’m in that boat too. A few weeks ago I had a leak in the bathroom. After the plumber had finished, he showed me what he’d done and we walked downstairs. Then came the inevitable and extremely awkward bit. […]

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs focusing on an important aspect of being Disciples of Christ; giving generously. But before we get on to that, we need to know what Discipleship is. You may not have known you were a ‘disciple’ until now. The word means ‘learner’ and we use it to […]