Talking about generosity in church can be difficult. But it doesn’t need to be.

It can be tough can’t it? Especially as one of the many ways we can be generous is by contributing money. And often we struggle to talk about this topic in a constructive, positive and inclusive way.

Most of the time it’s avoided altogether, which can make life rather difficult (especially for treasurers). We stick to time and talents, and skirt past the ‘m’ word. But avoiding talking about generosity in these terms, and leaving people to navigate this challenging area of discipleship on their own isn’t right. Avoiding the subject might make people think too much is expected of them, or too little, or nothing at all, or they don’t know why or how to contribute or what difference it makes. And God might be entirely left out of the picture! Loads of embarrassment and misunderstandings can be entirely avoided by good, simple and Jesus-centred communication.

Jesus thinks it’s a really good idea to talk about money. Did you know He mentions money and possessions more times  than anything else in the Gospels? In fact, 11 of the 39 parables He tells are about finances. That’s a lot.

But how to we do it? How do we broach this and other generosity topics without alienating people or offending them, whilst still sticking to what the Gospel teaches?

Fear not. I’ve developed loads of resources and user guides (so you know how to easily implement them with little fuss or effort) for your church.

Everything the Generous Giving Project does has the overall aim of:

  1. communicating God’s huge and limitless generosity
  2. encouraging people to think about how they’ve been blessed and could bless others, by being generous.
  3. helping churches to become “Generous Churches”

How will these resources help you?

Well, they answer a lot of questions about:

  • what’s going on in church
  • how to explain this to people
  • how to include everybody in generosity
  • how to avoid overburdening people
  • how to show gratitude
  • how to show that generosity is for everyone; God gives generously to us all, and we can all give generously to others in lots of different ways according to our means. No-one should feel their contribution isn’t worth as much as the next person’s. What counts is generosity.

Just imagine what we could do if we put generosity at the heart of our Christian lives. Just imagine what extra resources that time and money could achieve, and think about how this would help us to see God’s Kingdom come.

Here are some resources I’ve handpicked  for you from the bigger collection:




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