How would an outsider know this church was generous? What would they be hearing and seeing? Here are 8 suggestions of what a generous church is like.

Another practical resource to help people to know what’s going on in church. This explains the offertory/collection and who it’s for, because some people don’t know what it’s all about.

Introducing a very simple idea for your church, that includes everybody, takes away awkwardness, puts God at the centre, and highlights the importance of living generously in ALL ways.

A summary of lessons learned, what you’ve asked for and how we’re meeting your need. Plus exciting news on a new role to support you.

This is another brilliant and helpful example of a talk delivered by a treasurer, which was very well received.

What to say to a church when you’re the treasurer and you need to present the finances.

Guest blogger Ross Meikle, who is an Ordinand at Cranmer Hall and accomplished storyteller, writes his reflections on how an old lady from Yorkshire, influenced his approach to generosity.