Mary has doubts about a long-term generosity approach when they have immediate financial problems. Several members have their own reservations about something else but are too afraid to speak up.

Rev John reflects on their approach to stewardship and feels there’s room for improvement. Maybe better communication would make a big difference. Kevin lifts his spirits with his usual, natural very tasty generosity.

St. Someone’s is having a special PCC meeting because they’ve run out of money. What will they do? Will they plug the gaps or revolutionise the way they approach discipleship? Could they pin their hopes on the Generous Giving Project?

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What should I give? What’s generous? How do I work it out? What does the church say?

Bishop Mark Tanner talks generosity; the discipline of giving, when generosity is tough, teaching his children and fixing toilets.

I’m trying to understand what being generous actually means, and to identify the “marks of a generous church”? Are there certain things that generous people and generous churches hold dear? What’s the approach? So I’m interviewing people called Mark about generosity and church.