Bishop Mark Tanner talks generosity; the discipline of giving, when generosity is tough, teaching his children and fixing toilets.

Introducing a very simple idea for your church, that includes everybody, takes away awkwardness, puts God at the centre, and highlights the importance of living generously in ALL ways.

This is another brilliant and helpful example of a talk delivered by a treasurer, which was very well received.

What to say to a church when you’re the treasurer and you need to present the finances.

This article might be a little provocative, but then, if we only wrote/read about that with which we agree, would we continue to grow? I hope this will at least stimulate debate, even if it falls short of direct suggestions or wisdom!

An adaptation of a much-loved fairy tale challenging us to share our greatest gift: our faith

A lot happens in church that goes completely over my head. When I started attending a couple of years ago I was amazed at how strange it all was. Interesting rituals were taking place that everybody but me seemed to understand. I became a Christian in Afghanistan and for my first 9 months I worshipped […]