A lot happens in church that goes completely over my head. When I started attending a couple of years ago I was amazed at how strange it all was. Interesting rituals were taking place that everybody but me seemed to understand. I became a Christian in Afghanistan and for my first 9 months I worshipped […]

True stories about remarkable generosity that’ll brighten your day. God is good.

This is a true story about two people who were sent to a city for 24 hours by their lecturer, with only an envelope containing two return train tickets. They weren’t told where they were going, were given no provisions and had nowhere to stay. They had to rely on their faith in God and […]

On Sunday I heard a belter of a sermon. I pay a lot of attention to sermons, not out of piety or because I’m an incredibly holy person, but because I recently started preaching myself, so I’m always after tips. This was one of those sermons that has you sitting up in your seat, nodding […]

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs focusing on an important aspect of being Disciples of Christ; giving generously. But before we get on to that, we need to know what Discipleship is. You may not have known you were a ‘disciple’ until now. The word means ‘learner’ and we use it to […]