Much of the content is inspired  by you, the lovely readers, many of whom I meet in PCCs, Synods, Chapter meetings and of course here in our online community. You can be part of this online community by choosing to follow this blog. You do this by scrolling to the bottom and clicking FOLLOW or looking to the top right of this screen. Just type in your email address and you’ll be one of the first to know when the next blog is hot off the press.

Some of the articles focus on money, but generosity is also about time and talents. It’s just that we’re particularly bad at talking about money both as a church and as Brits, so plenty of the blogs and other resources ease that particular burden, and make it all much more comfortable and inclusive. The Generous Giving Project is about breaking down those barriers, helping churches to approach the subject in a Jesus-centred, love-filled way.

Other broader topics here including living out our faith, relationships, what the church is and does, how we read scripture and how we share the Gospel message. There’s something for everyone here.

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